Your First Visit

In office, please arrive 10 mins early to your first visit to complete your intake forms. If by phone, we will send you forms to complete in advance of your initial  visit.


Initial Naturopathic Visit

Your initial visit in office or by phone with the Naturopathic Doctor will be approximately 40 mins in length.  Your doctor will complete an in-depth review of your medical history, discuss your goals, and complete a focused physical exam if in office.  Please bring/send any labwork/medical imaging and a list of medications and/or supplements to this visit.


Initial Acupuncture Visit

Your first acupuncture visit will include an in-depth traditional Chinese medicine assessment of your health, followed by an acupuncture treatment.  

Fee Schedule

Naturopathic Medicine

Initial visit:  $189

Follow up Visits:  $159


Initial Visit:  $159

Follow up Visits:  $135