People With Anxiety May Have A Gift!

Anxiety isn’t often viewed as a positive thing to have. It is something that many people suffer through every day. Anxious people can come off as too sensitive. Others believe that anxious people often just overthink everything and panic about everything.

However, that is not the case in most instances. People who have anxiety are actually just very much aware of the world around them. They tend to be more aware of the suffering and the pain around them. They pick up on things that other people fail to notice.

Based on a study that was conducted at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, people who have extreme anxiety were shown to have much higher IQs than those who did not. A higher IQ may result in a higher level of anxiety.

While anxiety is not a great trait to have, a high IQ is a very valued trait. However, they might actually go hand in hand. A higher IQ may also be the reason anxious people are able to notice so much about the world around them throughout their day to day lives.

Another study, that can be found in European Journal of Social Psychology, discovered that people with high anxiety were more likely to sense danger around them .

In the study, people who had severe anxiety were more likely to sense danger than other people. In the wild, animals that can respond more quickly to danger are more likely to survive. In fact, more anxious animals are actually the ones to signal to the herd that there is danger.

If you are an extremely anxious person, this could actually be a sign of evolution.

More anxious people may actually be more likely to survive or succeed in a tribe. However, most people today don’t have tribes. This may be a hint as to why so many people have anxiety. It may have once served a purpose for survival.

Having anxiety today is not always a good thing. In fact, it can many times get in the way of people’s day to day lives. Feeling much of the pain and suffering in the world around us can be very overwhelming and often debilitating for some. Having a high IQ might be part of the cause, but it is not worth the suffering that many people deal with everyday.

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