No Amount of THIS is Safe!

I have always known this, intuitively, and now a major study published in the prestigious medical journal the Lancet substantiates this. Alcohol use is a leading risk factor for global disease burden and causes substantial health loss. We found that the risk of all-cause mortality, and of cancers specifically, rises with increasing levels of consumption, and the level of consumption that minimizes health loss is zero,” the study concluded. “These results suggest that alcohol control policies might need to be revised worldwide, refocusing on efforts to lower overall population-level consumption.”

Source: Bernardo Zucco

The study actually found that moderate drinking might protect against heart disease.

But it also found out that can lead to other negative health outcomes.    This includes a risk for cancer and injuries.Source: The Lancet: GBD 2016 Alcohol Collaborators

“Previous studies have found a protective effect of alcohol on some conditions, but we found that the combined health risks associated with alcohol increases with any amount of alcohol. The strong association between alcohol consumption and the risk of cancer, injuries, and infectious diseases offset the protective effects for heart disease in our study,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Max Griswold of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), University of Washington, said. “Although the health risks associated with alcohol start off being small with one drink a day, they then rise rapidly as people drink more.”Please join me next week for a discussion about: a very TOXIC oil most people think is beneficial. 

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